Paving your own way is the only road to take in this life. No one can do it for you.

These many years I have pursued different avenues with regards to music– studio vocalist, lead singer in numerous pop/rock bands, backup singer, musicals, operas, choirs, and soprano soloist.

Music is deeply personal. It allows our emotions to resonate within us. Music can lift us up, take us low, fill us with love, inspire us, help us heal, or keep us breathing. It can also give us a voice. It is mine. And I use every color and genre I can to paint what I feel.

Pieces is dedicated to all those who toil under difficult burdens and to those who share the load. These songs are about very real struggles in my life and those I love. I am so grateful to be here to share them.

Sometimes, in that moment of deepest despair, we find our very last hope and set it on fire. To emerge after the flames is the greatest personal victory.

Never NEVER give up.

Blaze the way!
xo– Heather